Intoxicants & Elixirs

Sacred Space

The Demeus project takes an arcane approach to vinifying aromatic white grape varieties grown in Oregon.

Winemaking for us is a ceremony, our winery a sanctuary. Produced in the bounty of the Pacific Northwest, our alchemy transmutes earthly fruit into divine nectar.

Esoteric Awakening

The corporeal world can be a harrowing place, marked by false delights and clinging miseries. As the seasons change, and the world around us evolves, we seek doorways into the ethereal. Demeus is an expression of where we find ourselves in the modern age, on a long since forgotten spiritual plane.

The seven-pointed star, or heptagram, is a sacred geometrical expression of the space between the six-pointed star of creation and the eight-pointed star of completion. It is symbolic of journey, transition, and becoming.

Our sigil represents life, rebirth, and mutability. We see unbroken circles in the life cycles of our wines and in the community that surrounds us.


Through our work, we defy modern culturalism and seek a deeper understanding of this world.

The Planchette

Traditionally, this heart-shaped divination tool was hewn from a small piece of wood, and thus its name derives from the French, for “little plank.” Our all-cotton label doubles as a more pliable planchette. Even after plunging a bottle of Demeus wine in an ice bucket, you may peel our planchette label off and put it to use on a Ouija board. For us, this is a daily ritual, practiced in tandem with transcendental meditation, in which we seek divine wisdom from our elders.


Words! Mere words! How terrible they were! How clear, and vivid, and cruel! One could not escape from them. And yet what a subtle magic there was in them!

— Oscar Wilde

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Intoxicants & Elixirs