The Sun, the Moon, the Globe

For us, the orbed shape of a grape is a profound tangible manifestation of the circular nature of our existence. Just as our earth revolves around its star, the sun, and just as our planet takes the shape of a globe, so, too, do we see life and death as continuous cycles of reincarnation.

…formed by our experiences, defined by our actions, described by our mind…

—  Alex Altshuler, Winemaker


When he was born, Alex was given the peculiar middle name Nicodemus, after the Pharisee and apocryphal gospel. Demeus, from the Latin for “dement,” represents his transformation, from the circumstances of his birth to the calling of his craft.

Major Arcana

Melissa Aellen

The Empress

A woman of great wisdom and power, Melissa Aellen has overseen the birth and growth of Demeus, from fever dream to working winery. Melissa holds a degree in Viticulture and Enology from Cornell University. Her winemaking experience spans the United States and abroad, including Gran Moraine in Oregon, where she met Alex, and Villa Maria Estate in New Zealand. While overseeing the business of Demeus, Melissa also directs winemaking operations at Linganore Winecellars, Maryland’s largest winery.

The Heirophant

Alex Altshuler’s unique personal philosophy and unconventional winemaking methodology inform everything we do at Demeus. Alex learned his craft in Australia and New Zealand, at wineries such as Framingham, Knappstein, Tohu, and Wither Hills. He received his degree in Oenology and Viticulture from Lincoln University, the oldest agricultural teaching institution in the Southern Hemisphere. In Oregon, Alex honed his craft in the cellars of Ponzi, Gran Moraine, and Cristom. Prior to founding Demeus, Alex was Cellar Master at Division Wine Making Company and SE Wine Collective.


The High Priestess

Raven Forrest’s artwork has been a part of our collective creative process since the conception of the Demeus project. Raven first began working in watercolor and pencil as a child, growing up on a small island in Maine. Today, their pen-and-ink illustrations visit botanicals, birds, and other aspects of nature, as well as occult themes, often drawing inspiration from dreams or visions. Raven’s work is regularly shown in Portland, Oregon. Commission requests may be sent via Instagram.


James Gravity Henderson has been a close ally to Demeus since the beginning. Born and raised in New Zealand, he has found solace in the temporal expression of various arts including drumming, graphic design, digital painting and tattoo. From an early age, seeking deeper formats of knowledge through personal exploration ultimately led to the visionary artist he is today. His themes and inspirations come from the depths of consciousness, including magickal spells, ethereal visions, and detailed imagery of angels, gods, and jinn. Commission requests and tattoo enquiries can be sent via Instagram.

The Magician

Whitney Mokler is a graphic designer living and working in Colorado. Pulling inspiration from the natural world, she enjoys experimenting with color, type, shape, and pattern to create a broad multidisciplinary body of work that pushes the boundaries of mainstream design. Commission requests may be sent via email

The Moon

Benjamin KNOCK is a multidisciplinary artist whose work aims to traverse the public into their imagination and to fuse the relationship between surrealism and our natural habitat. Predominantly working within the field of large-scale murals and fine art elements, Benjamin KNOCK has gained worldwide recognition through painting buildings/spaces and exhibiting regularly. Commission requests may be sent via Instagram

Intoxicants & Elixirs